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This design has a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. It’s stylish letter quirks and modern, minimalist vibe were intentionally combined to be the perfect match for a chic, sophisticated brand.

Is your brand: Sleek / Sophisticated / Modern + Luxe? This could be the perfect identity for you.


Your Purchase Includes:

  • Your logo concept, custom-fit to your biz name.

  • Colours & fonts, selected by you from our exclusive library (made available post-purchase).

  • A brand style guide, based on our unique template.


an audio Message from the designer...

AUD $2500
+10% GST for Australian Customers

...or enquire about my custom branding packages, starting at $4500



This design shines due to its custom letter R, and is the perfect match for a brand name that begins with this letter. For example... Rapture, The Rascals, Radio 91, The Reluctant Muse, Rudimentary.

It may also work well if your brand name is 1-3 words long and includes the letter R within a word. For example... Archetype. However, in this instance your icon will simply be the first letter of your brand name (in this example, the letter A).

This design is not suited to brands whose names do not include the letter R.



You will receive the primary logo, secondary layout and brand icon displayed within this set (each as EPS, TIFF & PNG files, to set you up for the life of your brand).

You will also receive a PDF Brand Style Guide featuring your logo, colour palette and fonts, as selected by you during the purchasing process (read more about How It Works).



The Brand Bazaar was created for entrepreneurs seeking a high-end, jaw-dropping brand identity for their business– quick smart – at a start-up price. By choosing to purchase from The Brand Bazaar, you are skirting the costs, time, and admin involved in a bespoke branding process. You are also forgoing the 1-on-1 relationship, advice and customisation provided during that process. Following your purchase, the design will be adapted to your business name and you will choose from a selection of colour palettes and fonts to complete the brand picture. Any additional customisation, if agreed to, will be billed at $250 AUD / hr.



The purchaser shall have the sole and exclusive right to use, reproduce and otherwise exploit the Deliverables, in accordance with the following license terms… License Terms: Indefinite / Territory: Worldwide / Media: All Media. All designs are sold once. Resale is not permitted.


Please Note

The fonts, photography, and graphic elements shown on this page (including any stationary designs which demonstrate use) are not included in your purchase. Please ensure you read through How It Works and our Terms & Conditions prior to submitting a Request To Buy.

AUD $2500
+10% GST for Australian Customers

...or enquire about my custom branding packages, starting at $4500