The Brand Bazaar is a totally new way for entrepreneurs to brand their businesses!

Want to know how it works? You’re in the right place!

How it works
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1. Browse through our library of designer logos

Each design is original and only sold once. We recommend you read the description that accompanies each concept, to help you get a feel for the the kind of business it would suit!


2. Identify the perfect match for your business

Our bet is, you’ll know it when you see it. It's the one that steals your heart, matches your brand personality to a tee, is sure to capture the attention of your tribe and makes you nervous that someone else might snatch it up first.


3. Send us an enquiry

Pop your details in the Request To Buy form and send them our way. We’ll familiarise ourselves with your business and brand name to ensure the design would be the perfect fit. Then we’ll get back to you with approval to purchase!


4. Complete Payment

Once your enquiry is approved, we'll pop the design on hold for 48 hours while you complete payment. Then, we’ll mark the design as ‘Sold’ and reserve it for your brand. The clock starts now – We’ll aim to have your brand package to you within 10 business days!


5. Select Your Colour Palette & Brand Fonts

You'll get access to our exclusive library of colour palettes and fonts, to make your dream selection. Alongside your logo, these elements will form a key part of your jaw-dropping identity. Please confirm your favourites within 48 hours so we can stay on track.


6. The design is custom-fit to your brand

We’ll get busy behind the scenes, custom-fitting the design to your business name and creating a complete logo kit for you. We'll also create your Brand Style Guide, which combines your logo, colours and fonts in one neat pdf.


7. Your Launch

Your branding is complete! We’ll pop your design package into Dropbox for easy download. And you're ready for a knock-out launch! Your Brand Style Guide will help you use your new identity in a captivating and cohesive way.


8. Freedom & Flexibility

Want to use your branding on some business cards or beyond? Go nuts! Your branding comes with an exclusive license, giving you the freedom to use it as you wish for the life of your brand. Pass it onto your designer, pop it on your site... the possibilities are endless!