The Brand Bazaar is the ultimate marketplace for entrepreneurs looking for a high-end, jaw-dropping identity for their business – quick smart – at a start-up price.


We all know the power of a slick brand identity… a professional brand image is key when it comes to grabbing the attention of your tribe and building trust and loyalty to your brand. Yet the old-school branding process can be such a drag! It takes a whole lotta time, capital, brainpower and stress (when it comes to managing the design process). That’s why we’ve flipped it on its head.

At The Brand Bazaar you can flip through a library of designer identities, have your perfect match tailored to your business name, and get your idea to market within 10 business days.

If a lack of quality branding is keeping you stuck, perceived as an amateur, or lost in the crowd, let’s change all that. Let’s get you set up with jaw-dropping branding that you LOVE, and therefore, LOVE to promote. Let’s open the door to a thriving biz, more audience engagement, increased credibility and way more referrals. (Yes please!)

Let’s tick “epic branding” off your to do list.


The Brand Bazaar is for you if you’re…

  • Frightened or exhausted by the idea of managing the design process (or simply unable to find the right person for your vision)
  • Struggling to perfectly articulate your ideas, yet confident you’ll “know it when you see it”
  • Stressed out by the idea of going through the custom design process and potentially ending up with a design you’re less-than-thrilled with
  • Too busy to spend weeks guiding a custom creative process
  • Eager to get your idea to market and start interacting with potential clients/customers ASAP
  • Anxious about spending too much capital on your branding in the start-up phase of your biz
  • Launching a new product or idea that needs beautiful branding, but not necessarily a full custom-branding process
  • Needing to invest your funds in other areas, but also know of the value of awesome branding
  • Done roping in friends and relatives... and hoping things don’t get awkward
  • Done cringing at your own branding and feeling jealous of your peers
  • Over DIYing, and SO ready to leave it to a professional!
  • Sick of procrastinating and finally ready to GET.IT.DONE!


The Brand Bazaar may not be the best fit for you if you’re…

  • Looking for a customised, hand-drawn typographic logo
  • Hoping for a lot of one-on-one contact, conversations and advice from your designer
  • An established business looking to invest a more significant amount of time/money/energy in a custom branding project
  • Keen to dive really deep when it comes to your brand guidelines
  • Indecisive, hate choice, and would prefer to be steered when it comes to the best approach for your business
Dani Hunt


About the founder

Hi, I'm Dani! I'm thrilled you're here.

I'm the founder & creative director of The Brand Bazaar and Neverland Studio, a design agency for inspired brands that seek to capture the attention of a contemporary audience.

Everything I create is designed especially for the modern entrepreneur who wants to make a bang with their brand image. I'm a big believer in the potential of awesome branding... a cohesive brand identity is everything, and it's so important to nail it right from the start.


Want to know more about who I am and what gets me stoked?

I’m a passionate traveller and am at my happiest when I’m exploring. My favourite cities are Bangkok, New York, Amsterdam and Istanbul. I’m also a bicycle rider, a dog person, and a big-time doer. My brain is equally stimulated by creative experimentation and entrepreneurial business. I am an enthusiastic advocate for creative small business and female entrepreneurship and encourage others to take the leap with my favourite quote –

You know all those things that you wanted to do? Well, you should go do them.

I grew up in Queensland but currently live in Melbourne, Australia with my big-hearted, egalitarian husband, Luke.


Interested in working 1:1?

My design aesthetic is sleek, energetic and electric. I combine hand-crafted elements and digital design to create a unique visual experience. My creative process uncovers a brand’s individual vibe, and translates that into a compelling piece of digital art that tells their story.

If you’re looking for a one-on-one relationship with your designer, please learn more and get in touch via my other business – Neverland Studio.