The Brand Bazaar is the ultimate marketplace for entrepreneurs looking for a high-end, jaw-dropping identity for their business... quick-smart, at half the price.

We all know the power of slick brand identity, yet the old-school branding process can be such a drag. At The Brand Bazaar you can flip through a library of designer logos and have your perfect match tailored to your business name in 10 business days. That's your logo, colours, fonts & style guide... sorted.

Ready to tick "Epic Branding" off your to-do list?


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1. Browse our library of logos

Check out the info that accompanies each design, and listen to an audio from the creator. This will help you get a feel for each concept, and the kind of business it may suit.

2. Identify your perfect match

Our bet is, you’ll know it when you see it. It's the one that steals your heart, matches your brand personality to a tee, and makes you nervous that someone else might snatch it up first.

3. Submit a request to buy

Pop your details in the Request To Buy form and send them our way. We’ll get back to you with approval and an invoice to seal the deal within 2 business days.

4. Select your colours & fonts

You'll get access to our exclusive library of colour palettes and fonts, to make your dream selection. These elements will form a key part of your jaw-dropping brand identity.

5. Your design is custom-fit

We'll custom-fit the design to your business name and create a comprehensive logo kit for you. We'll also create your Brand Style Guide, which brings together your brand assets.

6. You launch with a bang

Your branding is complete and you’re ready for a knock-out launch. Your Style Guide will help you use your new identity in a captivating and cohesive way.


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I am so in love with this visual branding marketplace - it’s a total game-changer! The ability to browse brand concepts and get an idea to market quicker, cheaper and stress-free is incredible. I just want to buy them all before somebody else does!
— Libby Babet, Health & fitness entrepreneur

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Knock-out premium designs with strong originality and creativity. Everyone is hooked!
— Alicia Beveridge, Buf Girls